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High Precision CNC Machining Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing

Rapid prototyping manufacturing can shorten the new product development cycle, reduce the development cost and improve the development quality. From original mold manufacturing to Moldless manufacturing, rapid prototyping manufacturing is of revolutionary significance to the manufacturing industry. Rapid prototyping system is like “stereo printer”. Depending on the complexity of the part, this process takes only 3 days at the fastest. In other words, rapid prototyping is a technology for rapid and direct manufacturing of single parts.

Product Features:

(1)Rapid prototyping manufacturing process to meet the market demand of modern products.
(2)Rapid prototyping can manufacture three-dimensional structures with arbitrary complex shapes.
(3)Rapid prototyping is directly driven by CAD model to realize the high integration of design and manufacturing. Its intuitiveness and easy modification provide an excellent design environment for the perfect design of products.
(4)The forming process not only saves the cost, but also shortens the manufacturing cycle.

Product Parameters:

Product Name: Customized High Precision CNC Machining Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing
Equipment: CNC Turning,Milling,Laser cutting,bending,punching,

stamping machine,drilling,welding machines

Material: Steel 1214 12L14,1215

Bronze C52100,C54400,C51000

Aluminum Al6061,Al6063,AL7075,AL5052

Stainless Steel SS201,SS303,SS304,SS316

Brass C36000(C26800),C37700(HPb59),C27200(CuZn37),C28000(CuZn40)


Surface finishing: Anodized,Oxide,Plating,Brushing,Polishing,galvanized,spraying,

High gloss polishing,Painting,Tinted,Chromed & Metallizing,Logo&Symbol,

Powder Coat,Eletrophoresis,Sandblasted&Bead blasted,

Heat treatment,Blacking.

Inspection tools: Calipers,Thread Micro caliper,Projection,Pin gauge
Process: 3/4/5Axis,EDM,Lathe,Line cutting,
File format: STP/STEP,IGS,X-T

Application and After-Sales Service:

At TE Rapid Prototyping, we are dedicated to making the world’s best prototypes and precision parts for a wide range of industries, including: automotive, medical device, aerospace, consumer & commercial products. Our experience in rapid prototyping & rapid manufacturing, such as CNC machining and Sheet metal stamping service enables us to make the most of both metal and plastic prototype for many different project types. And, we transform your ideas into a market-ready product with a super short turnaround, which helps launch your ideas fast.

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