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CNC Milling Aluminum Alloy 5-Axis Parts Manufacturing

5-axis parts have multi-faceted shapes and complex structures. Different materials such as steel, aluminum alloy, industrial plastic, and copper will be used in the material. TE rapid prototyping has more than 10 years of experience in machining 5-axis parts. We are familiar with the part standards, tolerances, and surfaces of various industries, and we can control them very well.

Product Features:

(1) 5-axis parts processing can ensure accurate dimensional tolerance and precision control in the minimum range, providing users with a more perfect product structure and practical matching experience
(2) 5-axis parts processing has certain requirements for equipment and personnel
(3) One parts can be customized, low volume processing and production, and the delivery date can be controlled within 3 days.

Product Parameters:

Equipment: CNC Turning,Milling,Laser cutting,bending,punching,

stamping machine,drilling,welding machines

Material: Steel 1214 12L14,1215

Bronze C52100,C54400,C51000

Aluminum Al6061,Al6063,AL7075,AL5052

Stainless Steel SS201,SS303,SS304,SS316

Brass C36000(C26800),C37700(HPb59),C27200(CuZn37),C28000(CuZn40)


Surface finishing: Anodized,Oxide,Plating,Brushing,Polishing,galvanized,spraying,

High gloss polishing,Painting,Tinted,Chromed & Metallizing,Logo&Symbol,

Powder Coat,Eletrophoresis,Sandblasted&Bead blasted,

Heat treatment,Blacking.

Inspection tools: Calipers,Thread Micro caliper,Projection,Pin gauge
Process: 3/4/5Axis,EDM,Lathe,Line cutting,
File format: STP/STEP,IGS,X-T
Model Number: OEM
Certificate: ISO9001:2015,ROHS,SGS

Application and After-Sales Service:

5- axis parts are mainly used for processing surface dense parts such as multi-angle parts, plastic mold core, automation parts, shell parts, multi-faceted plastic hand board, multi-faceted aluminum alloy parts, new energy vehicles, automobile engines, automobile lamps,rapid prototyping and so on.

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