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Cnc Turning Industrial Plastic Parts Manufacturing

Industrial turning parts are mostly used in automation equipment, which is more flexible than metal parts assembly, because the hardness of materials is different, and the requirements for processing technology and tolerance are more strict. To customize and process all kinds of shaft parts, pipe fittings and other precision parts according to drawings.

Product Features:

(1) Tolerance of turning parts: plus or minus 0.001mm
(2) Fastest delivery date: 1-3 days
(3) Delivery qualification rate: 100%

Product Parameters:

Equipment: CNC Turning,CNC Milling,Laser cutting,bending,punching,

stamping machine,drilling,welding machines

Surface finishing: Anodized,Oxide,Plating,Brushing,Polishing,galvanized,spraying,

High gloss polishing,Painting,Tinted,Chromed & Metallizing,Logo&Symbol,

Powder Coat,Eletrophoresis,Sandblasted&Bead blasted,

Heat treatment,Blacking.

Inspection tools: Calipers,Thread Micro caliper,Projection,Pin gauge
Process: 3/4/5Axis,EDM,Lathe,Line cutting,
File format: STP/STEP,IGS,X-T
Model Number: OEM
Certificate: ISO9001:2015,ROHS,SGS


Food equipment, gas turbine parts, clock accessories, corrosion-resistant containers, equipment cavities, transmission pipelines, nitric acid-resistant equipment, tableware, thermos cups, water dispensers, non-standard automation equipment, and household appliances.

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